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E-COM company is the best in promotion on marketplaces

E-COM company is the best in promotion on marketplaces

    Hello dear visitors of e-comportal website. Today we announce our company’s news blog. From this date onwards, we undertake to continuously post useful information on Internet sales, e-commerce, and promotion of goods and services on Internet marketplace platforms.

What benefits of goods promotion on Internet marketplaces do our customers receive?

  Clients of E-COM company group are manufacturers and trading companies who aimed at wholesale and retail sales. We, in turn, help them to boost their online sales to a totally new and better level! Here is a list of advantages your reach within cooperation with us:

  1. There is no need to maintain a corporate website – an online store, it is easily replaced by marketplaces. Therefore, you can save advertising costs and remuneration of IT specialists.
  2. You do not need to dive into the operations of each marketplace, be sure there are a plenty of them. We specialize in this business and know all the specifics of working with Internet platforms. We know their requirements, so we do our job effectively and reach the result. We do not waste time or try experiments; we perform effective actions here and now!
  3. If you have been working offline, then this clause is highly relevant to you! Marketplace sales insure your business against such unpleasant events as COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, it acts as protection from any other possible troubles may arise when offline sales are impossible due to restrictions imposed by the authorities. And further, during the restriction period Internet sales has increased significantly!
  4. No need to expand the staff and hire marketers, copywriters, designers, managers. When all those are delegated to us, you save on payroll and taxes. You also get a ready and well-coordinated team trained to and specializing in achieving specific goals to increase sales through trading platforms. Admit, it is not enough just to hire employees, they still shall be trained and come to be a team. Like a football team, there will be no result if every member runs their own way, and even “stars” will not save if there is no teamwork. 
  5. We have our own automated warehouse and logistics. We will help you both online and offline. We also offer physical support as our warehouse and logistics department. They will remove your headache from issues as: delivery, packaging, repackaging, units formation, and sending goods – we take care of all these, and you concentrate on the main things.

Meeting and analysis of the current situation and consultation on the launch of sales via the Internet.

In one news it is difficult to describe all advantages of cooperation with us. To conduct a joint analysis of the current situation and tell you in detail about all benefits we invite you to our office at any time. We will provide consultation and launch online sales on marketplaces.

E-COM Trade online distributor contacts

Toll-free number for all regions of Russia: 8-800-250-47-37, 


More information about our company is available on our official website: 

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