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E-commerce Business Analytics

E-commerce Business Analytics

Today’s article is dedicated to business analytics in the e-commerce industry and how to choose a partner to interact with marketplaces.

Ecosystem for marketplaces

Marketplaces have different attitudes to the emergence of service companies. Some see them as partners who solve the task of quickly bringing a large number of new suppliers to the marketplace and increasing the assortment of goods. Others consider them only an additional link affecting the final price of the product. Ozon is very loyal to its service companies, supports them in their work.

The text and photo for this paragraph are taken from the website of the Data Inside agency, the full original text and the ecosystem itself are available at the link.

Data Inside marcetplace ecosystem

How to choose the right e-commerce partner?

As can be seen from the visual representation of the ecosystem, the choice is huge and it’s even good. Healthy competition improves quality in all aspects, but there is a question: “How to choose a partner and not make a mistake?”.

To answer this question, we have prepared a checklist and before concluding the contract we recommend you find out the following:

What services do companies provide?


«Should I purchase a full range of services or a separate one? » This choice determines whether you will be able to concentrate on the main points of your business or there will be non-core issues that will take up time and cause unnecessary headaches. For example, logistics is often a problematic and non-core issue.

Legal and accounting literacy

accounting and lawyers

An important point is the partner’s compliance with legal requirements and the ability to optimize costs. Request the latest quarterly reports, find out if the partner pays VAT. No one wants problems with the law and with the tax service, especially you.

Brands for cooperation


Look at the work of a potential partner with other brands. The more information a partner provides, the more trustworthy he is. If a person is confident in the quality of his work, he will not hide client cases – for fear of losing contracts.

Providing analytics


Is analytics provided to the client in a convenient way? What analytical data is being collected? Is the data collected independently or through cooperation with someone? Is a sales analytics report provided? With what frequency?

Availability of own Class A warehouse


A Class A warehouse guarantees the quality and reliability of goods storage. A special temperature regime is maintained in a Class A warehouse because different goods require compliance with different storage temperature regimes. Class A warehouses always have a security system, which eliminates the theft of goods. Also, the warehouse is conveniently located in terms of access roads and is available 24/7.

Repackaging of goods


Can specialists provide services for repacking goods according to the requirements of the marketplace sites, make sets and / or spikes of goods? Or will this question remain with you (and you will need to delve into the requirements of the sites, keep people on staff for this, and sort out problems with rejected goods to the warehouse of marketplaces)?

Gold Card and rich content

gold card and rich content

Are the product cards filled with content? Are there any examples of gold cards? For which products are there examples of outputting products to the TOP (top lines of the first page of Internet searches)? Are there any examples of filling cards with rich content?

Advertising on marketplaces

 advertising on the marketplace

Do people know about current advertising and promotions on marketplaces? Can they immediately answer which ones are taking place now? What are the features of a particular company that provides a discount on goods?

Working with consumer content

consumer content

How is the work with consumer content carried out? Is there any feedback on questions, reviews, and complaints? Do customer service specialists answer it themselves or use primitive templates?

The above is the most optimal list of issues that your potential partner should discuss with you before you start cooperating with him. If these issues can be resolved quickly and without time lag, then you can be sure that you have made the right choice.

How to contact us?

If some issues are still unclear for you and you need some help, we will be happy to advise you by phone number 8 800 250 47 37 – calls are free from all regions of Russia.