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Black Friday 2021 on Marketplaces: dates and preparation instruction for sellers

Black Friday 2021 on Marketplaces: dates and preparation instruction for sellers

The Black Friday promotion begins on the first Friday after the American Thanksgiving Day, so the date of celebration falls on November 20-30. The sale itself got its name because of the increased excitement of buyers with huge queues in stores. There is no such situation on Marketplaces, so now all the excitement falls on such platforms as Ozon, WildBerries, Yandex Market, etc.

Fans of online shopping expect November sales “11.11” and “Black Friday” every year. And all sellers understand that discounts, promo codes and special offers mean a season of the highest workload and difficulties. Today we will tell you how the seller can prepare for participation in mega-sales in a short time.

Action plan for sellers to prepare for Black Friday in Russia:
  • select a product;
  • check the requirements for participation in the promotion;
  • define a sales plan;
  • stock up on the goods and ship it in advance before the start of the promotion;
  • follow the prices;
  • think of a plan for additional support through advertising campaigns;

Features of sales during the period of promotions on marketplaces and its duration

Marketplaces are interested in traffic, so they usually start preparing for the “high season” long before the start: they attract a potential audience, promote products on the platform, improve processes within the platform.


“Black Friday” will be held from November 26 to 28. The marketplace has canceled mandatory work with electronic document management so that sellers spend less time on shipping goods. Moreover, the platform will provide free promotion in search results and catalog, as well as analytics based on the results of promotions. For sellers who work on the FBS model and participate in the sale the marketplace automates the work on timeslots for shipping orders through pick-up points, and for FBO it will open additional delivery slots to warehouses.


Black Friday will be held from November 20th to 30th. The platform will partially compensate for the discounts and reduce the commission to 5% on the goods participating in the sale. At the same time, the discount on paying for orders using the Mir card, SBP and SberPay will be reduced from 2 to 1%.

AliExpress and Tmall

“Black Friday” will be held from November 25 to November 30. For the first time, the platform undertakes expenditures of logistics costs – sellers who use AliExpress delivery and Russian Post will not pay for logistics.

Yandex Market

The global Black Friday sale at this platform takes place throughout November but maximum discounts are expected from November 22 to November 30. Black Friday on Yandex Market takes place in several stages by product category.


“Black Friday 2021” will be held from November 19 to 28. During this period, there is a rush of purchases of children’s goods.

Despite all the difficulties of participating in promotions, the benefits for business are still greater: this is a great opportunity to increase traffic, increase turnover and get to the top in search results.

Have a good participation in the most global sale of this year — Black Friday!

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