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E-com portal has launched its own brand of mattresses

E-com portal has launched its own brand of mattresses

We are pleased to announce the launch of sales of Merkel mattresses with orthopedic effect


Healthy dream is the key to a great mood during the day which is achieved thanks to our mattresses.

A person spends a third of his life sleeping, and no matter how we try to shorten this period, getting enough sleep is extremely important. Especially the fast pace of life in a big city makes us think about the rapid recovery of the body overnight. It is very important to approach this issue carefully in order to choose a high-quality mattress for your bed. The main component of a full-fledged healthy sleep is a properly selected mattress.

We want your every day to be productive and happy together with Merkel mattresses. We produce mattresses in the natural area of St. Petersburg.

The principles of our brand are innovation, responsibility, comfort.

The Merkel company has set itself a particularly important goal — to bring comfort to everyone’s life using reliable modern technologies while following the requirements of the time — environmental friendliness, caring for employees and responsibility to consumers. Merkel products are guaranteed to be of high quality like a German car.

Merkel creates solutions for comfortable sleep so that everyone lives in a space of convenience and harmony. In the manufacture of mattresses, we focus on innovative technologies and high-quality materials that provide customers with a full and healthy sleep

There are different price categories included in our line of mattresses – from budget to premium level. Everyone will find a mattress according to their requirements and budget.

Moreover, there is a children’s series of mattresses in our line. It is designed in accordance with the anatomical features and needs of a growing organism and is made exclusively of hypoallergenic and safe components.

Merkel mattresses provide good support for the spine. Hypoallergenic materials are used as fillers, which create a comfortable sleeping place without harm to health.

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