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Now we are partners of three new marketplaces – Leroy Merlin, Detsky Mir and Akusherstvo

Now we are partners of three new marketplaces – Leroy Merlin, Detsky Mir and Akusherstvo

There is a collection of poems «Expanding horizonts…» written by the Russian author Alexander Zryachkin. As well as he in his poems, we did not look for excuses. Instead of that we expanded our horizons at our own discretion by connecting to work new Internet platforms such as Leroy Merlin, Detsky Mir (Kiddie World), Akusherstvo (Obstetrics). There is a huge range of interests: from the birth of children and their growing up to the repair and construction of a house. However, our friendly team can make the most non-trivial decisions that do not frighten us, rather, on the contrary, inspire us!

What benefits do the partners of E-COM TRADE receive from new Internet platforms?

1. More opportunities for the sale of existing goods. Since different marketplaces have different target audiences and different people have different shopping preferences, we have significantly expanded contact platforms with new customers.

2. The possibility of output of new goods to new platforms. There are new opportunities for testing new niches and fundamentally new units of commodity nomenclature that were not previously included in the basic assortment.

3. Perhaps an indirect advantage, but still an advantage is the mutual growth of partners. The appearance of three new platforms is a positive signal for those who are with us. This signal means that we are making progress and you have an opportunity to develop with us!

How can we help you quickly output your goods to the marketplaces?

Let’s start by considering practical solutions for how we can withdraw and increase your sales through electronic platforms on the Internet:

1. The first point is time – a resource that cannot be bought or returned. We will save you a lot of time due to the fact that we are already registered on a large number of platforms. We have experience working with them and we can tell you exactly on which platforms and which goods are better to sell. In addition, we will undertake the preparation of photo and text information on product cards, in accordance with the rules of the platform. The content will be «delicious» from the point of view of the buyer and SEO optimized from the point of view of search robots.

2. Control of sales and marketing activities. Joint and coordinated participation in various marketing activities with you: discounts, Black Fridays, birthdays of sites and brands, New Year, etc. The control of sales of your goods is carried out daily and weekly. Thanks to this, the situations when the required good is out of stock are excluded.

3. The third, perhaps the main advantage is that none of our competitors does this (at least at the time of writing this article there is no reliable data on this) – we will buy a large batch of your goods from you and sell them ourselves! It can be well proof of our confidence in our abilities and experience, can’t it? We do not just provide promotion services like 99% of similar companies on the market, but we are also ready to participate in the turnover of your goods with our own funds. Perhaps this is the best indicator that we are a reliable partner.

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