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The new sales channel «KazanExpress» is the fastest growing marketplace that sells for you!

The new sales channel «KazanExpress» is the fastest growing marketplace that sells for you!

KazanExpress is the first marketplace in Russia with the delivery of goods within 24 hours to 68 cities in the Volga region and the Urals (in the European part of Russia).

The most favorable offers for buyers are achieved thanks to low commissions and costs to suppliers. This allows to maintain a low cost of delivery, which is about 15 rubles per unit of goods (the cost of delivery is already included in the marketplace commission).

The commission is 3-20% depending on the category. KazanExpress is becoming the most attractive place for shopping.

The advantages of the KazanExpress online store:

Kazan Express itself ensures the flow of customers according to its own established system;

There is no need to rent retail space, pay wages to sellers, storekeepers, security, etc.;

Kazan Express handles customer returns on its own;

You will receive a complete package of ready-made regulations and videos, a structured course with E-Commerce experts providing a step-by-step algorithm of actions;

Kazan Express consulting support helps to solve emerging problems and issues;

Working with E-COM and KazanExpress you will receive: 1. Market promotion, 2. Increased efficiency of your company and a new fast-growing sales channel.

Do you want to learn more about cooperation with KazanExpress?

Phone for free calls from all regions of Russia: 8-800-250-47-37, e-mail:, website: