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he goods sold in marketplaces through E-COM group of companies

he goods sold in marketplaces through E-COM group of companies

We are glad to provide the overview of the brands sold in marketplaces through our company.  As the number of them is rather significant, we decided to present them in a template to make the information easier to comprehend.

Manufacturers and their main brands in 2020.

Tide, Gillette, Venus, Old Spice, Milford, PAGES, SPLAT, LOL, Deonica, Altayvitaminy, Garden ECO, Learning Resources, Sudocrem, Biomed, Oral-B, Budchen, SEPTIMA, INKI, Bio Mio … and more…

It is hardly possible to present the entire list of goods and its enormous variety in one article, hence we would like to cover the most popular ones:

  • Household chemicals and cosmetics including: dry chemical powders, deodorants and antiperspirants.
  • Tools and expended supplies for the beauty industry including: manicure and pedicure ones, men’s and women’s blades, combs, scissors, files, nail buffers, hair combs, etc.  
  • Coffee including: whole-bean, grinded, geographical and regional monotypes, mixtures and blends.
  • Tea including: loose, in sachets, herbal, sugar substitutes and sweeteners
  • Goods for kids including: dolls, educational toys and sets for newly-born babies.
  • Nutraceuticals including: health supplements and vitamin premixes.
  • Oral hygiene accessories including: toothbrushes, tooth threads, toothpaste and rinses

Although you use many of these items in your daily life some of them might be unfamiliar to you. Nevertheless, regardless the popularity of each group of goods we started selling online we have managed to increase online sales by at least 35-40%, whereas the average percentage is much higher than that.

Customer database in all branches of production.

According to the abovementioned information, we can state that we have established a huge network of partnership. Also, since some of the companies provide with a variety of goods, we sell a great number of items through our web portal (currently 10,119 SKUs). As SKU stands for a stock keeping unit it means that each of them represents a separate item in the list of stored goods. It is one unit (one part) of a group, brand or a variety in a certain package, size (size range), volume, color or any other specific feature typical for that type of goods. It is a characteristic feature which makes it unique in the assortment range.

Reliable and friendly – Your online partner.

Our company renders the entire set of promotion services. The list of our customers includes both large and famous and small and unknown brands. It means that you can trust us, and the terms of our contract will make you pleasantly surprised.  Certainly, it is better to find out how reliable we are by making some practical steps and we are eager to consult you and to make a detailed analysis of your current situation with giving you further practical recommendations which can be applied on the spot to make our cooperation easy and pleasant. All you need to do is to call at any of the numbers below or send us a message and we will immediately contact you.

Contacts of E-COM group of companies, the largest online distributor 

Toll-free number 8 800 250 47 37, ☏ +7 (919) 642-94-42, ✉, Whats App @ecomportal, website: