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Feedback from chief business development officer of the SPLAT company – Anna Kireeva

Feedback from chief business development officer of the SPLAT company – Anna Kireeva

We present to your attention a photo from the online conference “AliExpress Russia” from 08.10.2020. In the format of the conference recording, you can listen to the feedback about cooperation with our company from chief business development officer in the e-commerce channel of the SPLAT company Anna Kireeva.

Written review from SPLAT to E-COM TRADE

Based on the rules of the online conference, Anna Kireeva did not directly talk about E-COMMERCE, since advertising is not included in the rules of the conference. However, an interesting and fruitful cooperation between SPLAT LLC and E-COM TRADE LLC began at the end of 2019.

благодарственное письмо в Е-КОМ ТРЕЙД

Some information about our client SPLAT

The company is represented in 67 countries of the world both on online and offline platforms. SPLAT’s mission is to help people be healthy, beautiful and successful. The organization specializes in the production of innovative and professional oral care products.

The concept of “oral care” includes such brands as SPLAT, Biomed and INNOVA, and the concept of “home care” is the brand BIO MIO which, by the way, became the winner of the award of the best eco-friendly home goods.

customer review SPLAT


Favorable offers for consumers – kits, sets and spikes


The conference touched upon the problem of the high cost of logistics and the low price of the average receipt. The company faced this problem when selling goods online. To solve this problem, we have proposed next solution – to assemble individual products into sets and spikes that will be beneficial for consumers.

For example, it can be a cleaning set that includes a glass and mirror spray, a cooker cleaner and a sanitary ware cleaning gel. Thus, not only the manufacturing company but also the end buyer receives the benefit.

customer review SPLAT

Conference results and conclusions about online sales


All large, medium and even small enterprises will increase their turnover in online sales. This happens in the conditions of COVID-19, so many companies are switching to online trading.

In addition, it is worth considering progress and generational change. Therefore, if you are an entrepreneur, owner or representative of a brand and you are reading this article, then we have an offer for you. Order a consultation and a detailed analysis of your situation, and we will determine favorable offers for you and determine a strategy for development and promotion on marketplaces. We will also help you calculate the planned indicators of sales and profit growth and outline steps to achieve these indicators.

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