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Overview of the situation on the e-commerce market for October 2020 from the largest online distributor of GC E-COM

Overview of the situation on the e-commerce market for October 2020 from the largest online distributor of GC E-COM

Today in this post we would like to reveal some of the “insider” information on the situation in the Internet trade industry. The data for this paragraph were taken from the report of the Institute of Public and Municipal Administration and the Faculty of World Economics and World Politics of the HSE (Higher School of Economics), the full study is available at the link. Let’s move from words to deeds. Just to illustrate the situation, we will give a graph on the volume of the e-commerce market in Russia from 2015 to 2019:

e commerce 1 

The above graph reflects average growth expectations and the fact that actual growth is ahead of static forecasts from year to year. 2020 is not in this graph, since the year has not ended, but forecast data has already appeared on the Internet (including for 2021), which is output by calculating arithmetic averages.

How the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the sale of goods via the Internet?

Of course, everything is absolutely logical and understandable here even to uninformed people. Of course, there was growth. Of course, it happened not because of, but in spite of, and here the restrictions imposed by the state played a huge role. Everything is clear about the restrictions — this is the closure of offline stores, catering establishments and public institutions in order to prevent the spread of a viral disease. Of course, such a decision was made to protect people’s lives and health, but the consequence is that business will never be the same again. Manufacturers, retailers and everyone connected with the turnover – let’s consider them on the topic of the article. They, having received large losses and a huge experience for which they paid, realized that they could not bet on only one sales channel. Accordingly, those who viewed online trading as an additional channel and did not take it seriously were forced to urgently turn their attention to it and implement it into their commercial activities in order to survive.

What will happen to the e-commerce market in 2021?

Here, in addition to the guesses dictated by experience, we will conduct an example of a study and, for clarity, data from the Data Inside agency: The dynamics of online commerce, the forecast of the Data Insight agency © 07.2020:

e commerce 3

These figures include sales of tangible goods by Russian online stores to Russian buyers. These values do not consider sales of services (including tourism), content (including game- and video content), lotteries. We also do not take into account purchases in Russian stores by citizens of other countries and purchases by Russians in foreign online stores that do not have a Russian representative office and Russian warehouses… The full text of the study is available at the link.

Generalized conclusions from both studies on the development of electronic commerce.

According to research by authoritative sources, as well as the practice of the situation actually taking place in e-commerce today, the market has been growing constantly, and external circumstances in the form of the COVID 19 pandemic have accelerated this growth additionally. Accordingly, the conclusion that suggests itself as a ready-made solution for manufacturers and distributors is that to grow with the market you need to go to marketplaces and delve into trading via the Internet here and now. If recently this sales channel was an additional one, now it can become the main one!

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