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Warehouses for online stores and marketplaces, Fulfillment.

Warehouses for online stores and marketplaces, Fulfillment.

Hello dear visitors of! Today we share good news with you. E-COM company has opened a new warehouse in Moscow Region! We are making quantum leaps in our development and have almost doubled the number of warehouses which is certainly of a great help to our regular customers. Apart from that, we will be able to start cooperating with new partners as there is enough room in our warehouses and that is the top of the iceberg of our development plans. 

Total number of E-COM warehouses and their square.

Presently E-COM group of companies possesses two warehouse sites including the one in Podolsk (Moscow Region) which has already been used and the recently opened warehouse in Moscow. The Podolsk warehouse square is 20,000 m2 (215,278 sq. ft.). It is located at 17 Kommunalnaya str. Klimovsk residential area, Podolsk Moscow Region, Russia, has two access ways and has 15 loading docks equipped with ramps for trucks loading.  The new site in Moscow Region square is 15,800 m2 (170069,78 sq. ft.). It is located at 18/1kL, village Bykovo, Moscow Region, Russia has convenient access ways and 18 loading docks equipped with ramps for trucks loading. All the warehouse areas have forklift loaders, palletizers, trained personnel, and appropriate warehouse management system. 

Advantages of cooperation with E-COM in terms of warehouse and inventory control outsourcing.  

The advantages you will gain by entrusting solving the warehouse problems to us can be divided into four main conceptual categories, including: 

I. Warehouse:

  1. Class A warehouse
  2. We work 24X7
  3. Bin storage for small-piece goods of various categories
  4. SAP EWM and a unified integration platform
  5. Conveyor line for order-picking, packaging, tariffication

II. Logistics:

  1. Own vehicle fleet, vehicles for any cargo dimensions
  2. All our vehicles comply with marketplace standards
  3. Distribution of goods across distribution centers of marketplaces
  4. Round-the-clock delivery to marketplaces without breaking deadlines
  5. Total control of all stages of supply chain
  6. Picking up the goods from your warehouse

III. Repackaging:

  • Own packaging according to the client’s request in corrugated boxes, safe bags, stretch film, scotch tape, filler, kraft paper
  • Generation of individual barcodes
  • Individual barcoding of product
  • Repackaging capacity is 10,000 SKUs per day
  • Formation of sealed sets and units

IV. Accounting:

  1. Analysis and accounting of stock balances
  2. Product inventory
  3. Electronic document management
  4. Maintaining primary documentation
  5. Integrated Delivery Note and Consignment Note
  6. Turnovers for the reporting period

We have made 100% optimization of the warehouse and the supporting procedures and as a result of it we save your time and you receive reports and analytical data along with an opportunity to control the goods movement through your personal account.

Work under Fulfilment. 5 steps with E-COM:

  1. Concluding an agreement and picking up the goods from your warehouse
  2. Repacking of the goods according to platform requirements
  3. Preparing documentation
  4. Goods delivery to marketplaces under the signed agreement  
  5. Addressing returned items
Marketplace sanctions and how to avoid them?

Each marketplace has its own requirements to packaging, delivery schedule and even to vehicles which are used for goods delivery. The supplier is fined in case of breaching packaging requirements or delivery schedule. However, by delegation of authority in terms of warehouse, packaging, and logistics operations to us you can be confident in high quality of the provided services. Control over all operations is performed through your personal account and you will be able to track movement of every shipment or package using an individual code.    

Contacts of E-COM manager responsible for providing warehouse services for online shops and Fulfillment.

Minullina Alina Vyacheslavovna, make a free call at 8-800-250-47-37

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