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Top 5 main problems when working with marketplaces

Top 5 main problems when working with marketplaces

Good afternoon! If you are reading this post, you undoubtedly want to sell and promote your products via the Internet, namely through the marketplace sites. In this review, we will consider the most common problems that arise when working with marketplaces, but we will focus not on the problems, but on their solution. Below is a list of the most frequent difficulties that you may face:

  1. Marketplace selection and registration.
  2. The need to constantly monitor changes and updates of various marketplace interfaces and take them into account in the work. For example, a change associated with a change of a group of products in case of an untimely correction can bring down sales of a single product item.
  3. The need to frequently switch between different marketplaces when filling out products, monitoring statistics, interacting with customers and marketplace administrators – all these factors can lead to errors and loss of sales.
  4. The complexity of collecting analytics from different marketplaces and their general structural analysis, sales analysis, pricing and profitability analysis.
  5. Interaction with customers – answers to customer questions, responses to reviews, work with complaints and returns.

Proven solutions to typical problems when working with marketplaces from the  E-COM Group

We analyze your product items, sales of similar products on the marketplace, sales of your competitors and only after that we make an informed decision on the choice of a particular marketplace.

The software developed in E-COM TRADE allows you to collect statistics from different marketplaces, simplifies its analysis, helps to control pricing and profitability of sales. In order not to fall under the sanctions of marketplaces, for example, fines and blocking of the personal account, our company has a special department that works with customers and solves questions with answers, reviews, complaints, etc. around the clock.

Advantages of integrated e-commerce management VS partial individual services

For the convenience of our customers, we offer a full range of services, that is, there is an opportunity to order a separate service, but we recommend that everyone, especially representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, give this issue to full outsourcing. This solution has several undeniable advantages:

  1. There is no need to inflate the company’s staff by hiring quite expensive specialists in the field of design, photography, marketing, promotion, copywriting, etc.
  2. A large number of non-core processes are removed from your company: logistics, packaging, content development, a call center for working with customers. The absence of unnecessary distracting processes allows you to concentrate on the most important!
  3. Mistakes are reduced to an absolute minimum – only one person is responsible for everything. You get an experienced contractor who is well versed in all issues of online sales. All that remains to be done is to put the Technical requirement and discuss the results after its implementation.

As can be seen from the above arguments, it is possible to increase sales of goods via the Internet without creating unnecessary problems for yourself. Due to the fact, that E-COM Group offers free analysis, consultation, and comfortable first steps to start cooperation for your convenience, there is no reason to delay and look for excuses. It is better to call immediately and find out the terms of cooperation, especially since the result of cooperation will be an increase in profit from 30% due to the opening of new sales channels.