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Wow! We became a technology partner of OZON

Wow! We became a technology partner of OZON

We have good news! You can congratulate us, we have become a technology partner of the OZON marketplace.

“To ensure that Ozon’s sellers can receive quality services, we carefully choose the agencies and companies that we issue a technology partner certificate. The status of a technology partner indicates that we consider the company a valuable player in the market and our business partner ”- source OZON

Who are technology partners?

OZON’s technology partners are companies that have been certified and have confirmed their competence in the operation of the marketplace and are ready to provide services to other sellers.

Technological partnership OZON provides the following advantages in the work of E-COM TRADE LLC:

1) Development of a supervised base of OZONE suppliers
2) Ability to connect any business selling goods to OZON services
3) Increase in turnover
4) Recommended by OZONE of E-COM TRADE as a quality, reliable partner

What services can a technology partner provide:

advice on conditions and supplies, on the choice of the optimal logistics scheme for you;
connection to the Ozon marketplace;
loading goods without creating content, for example, without preparing images: no more than 400 cards per month;
loading and maintaining current balances;
content management;
consulting on advertising campaigns;
provision of sales statistics;
control of financial and operational indicators;
advising on assortment issues and improving sales on the Ozon marketplace.

Want to know more?

Phone for free calls from all regions of Russia: 8-800-250-47-37, e-mail:, website: