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Attention! Viper Scammers-Market

Attention! Viper Scammers-Market

Viper-Market website carries out the illegal sale of goods on behalf of E-COM TRADE LLC. We are not a partner of Viper-Market and are conducting a legal investigation on this issue.

E-COM TRADE LLC is a major online distributor that officially sells goods on the following marketplaces:
  • WildBerries;
  • Ozon;
  • Yandex Market;
  • SberMegaMarket;
  • Tmall;
  • Detsky Mir (Children’s World);
  • Akusherstvo (Obstetrics);
  • Leroy Merlin.

We do NOT sell household appliances and garden supplies in this Viper-Market online store.

This company illegally uses our legal data: PSRN (Primary State Registration Number), TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number) and our name.

LLC “E-COM TRADE”, in its turn, is NOT a representative or partner of this website, much less a seller as stated in the «Privacy Policy» of the website:

Now a legal investigation on this issue is underway.

Be vigilant and do not fall for fraud!

Our official contact details:

Phone for free calls from all regions of Russia:  8-800-250-47-37, e-mail:, website: