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Creating and
setting up
personal account
on marketplaces

1 click online distributor

Own software
A single personal account for managing all platforms 

We combine accounting, warehouse, logistics and sales

Platform pitfalls: fines, contracts, documentation

6 stages
of strong support
for brand registration on platforms 

A personal account is needed to manage sales. The better it is set up the more time you will save in the future.

of documents

To register your “Personal Account” it is necessary to provide documentation. Status of either a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur, or confirmation of self-employment is mandatory among other requirements.


We teach you to use your personal account: goods adding, statistics, reports unloading.

agreement details

Every platform has certain requirements for delivery time and minimum batch of goods. There are usually 2 agreements: Service and Agency. We will help you to study the conditions for you would avoid penalties for non-performance in the future.

Setting up

1C synchronization, setting up automatic generation of documents for warehouse, deliveries and payments


Third-part services training to use and work with


The quality of work done at this stage influences the native search results of your products on the platform when being searched by buyers

The number of people to see
your goods depends
on the quality of optimization

The algorithms for moving up your products to the TOP may be different on every platform.

Without cards optimization nobody will see your product

Adel Abdullin
Financial Director

A single center
for sales management at
all platforms

You will receive software for access to all platforms from 1 one dialog box

We register
your brand on the selected marketplaces

We set up
your personal account and document flow

We fully prepare
your “shop” for product cards creation

we promote
on marketplaces

We promote more than 367 types of products

# Children’s goods
and toys
# Beauty products
and cosmetics
# Foods
# Clothes
# Nutraceuticals
and vitamins
# Household
# Antiseptic

marketplaces for your product

сбермега Marketplace covering Moscow and Moscow region. More than 700,000 site visitors who look for household goods, toys, clothing and more.
магазин яндекс маркет
магазин яндекс маркет The site is created with the participation of Yandex and Sberbank. The application has been downloaded by users over 100 million times. The site has a great potential.
# The largest marketplace for clothing, footwear, and accessories. Over 3,000 brands aggregated on 1 site, and the daily number of orders exceeds 350,000.
# The largest and world-famous platform with millions of products of all categories.
# A platform with 27 goods categories. It offers everything, even food and oversized goods. There are over 1 million visitors a day and more than 500,000 orders daily.
# The largest online store with more than 2 million visitors a day. There are 15+ clothing brands and over 400,000 orders daily on the site.


have allowed us to win
all competitors


Only for the last 9 months, the turnover of our company has amounted to 200,000,000 rubles


Proprietary software for sales analytics across all sites simultaneously. We set up a personal account for each client displaying data for all marketplaces in a friendly and convenient form.


We have worked with Amazon, Ebay, etc. So, we will seamlessly promote your goods to marketplaces across the Russian Federation and the EU.


Automated warehouse (Podolsk city) allows repackaging in compliance with marketplace requirements: formation of units and sets, barcode generation, 3PL logistics.

Brands we sell

The power of our company lies in the partners who have already trusted us

10 typical errors

manufactures make when trying to register on
marketplaces without assistance


*Consultation does not bind to purchase

“He could not sell his product”
Free Consultation
For you
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