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and Answers


Beginning of work


What is the difference between a supply agreement and Fulfillment (agreement)?
What way is more profitable to work under Fulfillment: by myself or through an e-commerce distributor?
How can you help me if I ship through my personal account?
What kind of product categories do you have experience in selling on marketplaces?
Do you work with international marketplaces?


Can you set up my first delivery?
Can I delegate a part of delivery-related services to you?
What shall I do if my goods are delivered another city, but the delivery has not been taken?
What if I want to transport goods but do not have my own warehouse?

Registration of product cards on marketplaces

What information shall I provide to launch a product card on a marketplace?
How long do you need on average to launch 1 product card?
How long would it take for my product to appear on a marketplace?


What promotion tools are used on marketplaces?
Would you defray a part of marketing expenses?


What specific fees and tariffs are there on marketplaces?
What does a fee cover?
How is a fee calculated?


Where is your warehouse located?
Which class is your warehouse ranked? and What does this class category influence on?
What services do you provide? 

10 typical errors

manufactures make when trying to register on
marketplaces without assistance


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“He could not sell his product”
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